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Podiatry Legends Podcast

Are you a Podiatrist looking for business, professional and personal inspiration? Do you sometimes feel your workday is stuck on repeat? The Podiatry Legends Podcast is going to change the way you see, feel and think about the podiatry profession.

This podcast is the place where Podiatrists, from all parts of the world, will share their expert tips, and sometimes unusual stories and careers paths, with the goal of exposing you to all the vast opportunities that currently exist within our profession. 

Mar 17, 2022

Dr Tea Nguyen is a surgical podiatrist and solo practice owner in beachy Santa Cruz, California. She is an advocate and mentor to young female DPMs interested in private practice and is passionate about the Direct Care podiatry business model. 

Tea has been on this podcast previously, Ep: 038 - Life Changes & Practice Ownership. 

In this episode, we discuss:

  • The privatisation of healthcare. 
  • Burnout in the profession. 
  • Reliance on insurance reimbursements. 
  • The effect insurance companies can have on your choice of treatment. 
  • Controlling your business destiny. 
  • Direct Care Way Podcast. 
  • Mentorship for young female podiatrists.

Final Tip

Whatever seems hard, but you want to do, you can learn that skill. 

You're only a skill away from getting what you want. 

You can connect with Dr Tea Nguyen at or on Facebook and LinkedIn at Tea Nguyen, DPM. 

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