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Podiatry Legends Podcast

Are you a Podiatrist looking for business, professional and personal inspiration? Do you sometimes feel your workday is stuck on repeat? The Podiatry Legends Podcast is going to change the way you see, feel and think about the podiatry profession.

This podcast is the place where Podiatrists, from all parts of the world, will share their expert tips, and sometimes unusual stories and careers paths, with the goal of exposing you to all the vast opportunities that currently exist within our profession. 

Mar 18, 2021

Chloe Wear is the owner of The Woodvale Podiatrist in Perth, Western Australia. She graduated from The University of Huddersfield (UK) in 2006 and emigrated to Australia in 2008, and today we're going to talk about using SWIFT to treat warts.

We also discuss:

  • Moving to Queensland, Australia, from the UK. 
  • Why she decided to live in Perth.
  • Jumping on opportunities when they present themselves and not waiting for everything to be perfect. 
  • Why she wanted to have her own podiatry business.
  • Previous poor results treating warts made her hate warts.
  • SWIFT Wart Treatment (Evidence-Based)
  • Creating a POD: Point of Difference. 

Final Tips:

  1. If you’re thinking about getting a SWIFT machine, don’t sit on the fence and don’t stress about the cost.
  2. SWIFT is not glamorous, but it’s a solution for warts, which are traditionally a pain to treat. 

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