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Podiatry Legends Podcast

Are you a Podiatrist looking for business, professional and personal inspiration? Do you sometimes feel your workday is stuck on repeat? The Podiatry Legends Podcast is going to change the way you see, feel and think about the podiatry profession.

This podcast is the place where Podiatrists, from all parts of the world, will share their expert tips, and sometimes unusual stories and careers paths, with the goal of exposing you to all the vast opportunities that currently exist within our profession. 

Mar 31, 2020

There's one thing all successful podiatrists have in common, regardless of where they are in the world, and that is they all have a positive mindset, and Irish Podiatrist Locan O Donaile proves this once again.

Lorcan is the author of a new book titled Podiatry Business Success Secrets - The Ultimate Guide to Building a Profitable Podiatry Practice That Works Without You, and if you want to grab a copy of his book it is FREE, yes free from his website

On this episode we discuss:

  • The writing process was much easier than you think
  • You need a business mindset
    • Why you need to get your head right. It's okay to make a profit, and you don't need to fleece people. 
    • When you make money, you can give and do more for the community.
    • A good profitable business is a secure business
  • Clinical skills are not a guarantee of a profitable or successful business
    • Yes, you need clinician excellence, but you also need business skills
  • Fixing your leaky bucket
    • It costs 12-14 times more to get new patients than it does to look after your existing patients.
    • Undercharging and under servicing, versus providing a premium service for a premium price.
  • Knowing Your Numbers
    • If you don't know your numbers, you cannot make wise decisions.
      • What are your rebooking rates?
      • How many come back for second appointments?
    • Your P & L, you need to know this every month.
    • When you know your numbers, you can use this information for coaching. The employer can be objective, not subjective.
  • Marketing
    • Most podiatrists have no plan or understand how marketing works, or know if it's working.
    • You need to know who you want to attract.
      • Who is your Ideal Patient?
      • What is your message?
      • Where are they?
      • What's the message?
  • You've got to love your staff
    • If your team are no good, it's your fault.
    • It's different to working with patients; it's a different relationship because you have their life's in your hands and you need to be empathetic.
    • They will make mistakes, and they will never be 100% like you, and now and then, one of your team will shit all over you".

"If you're not pissing people off your not trying hard enough."

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