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Podiatry Legends Podcast

Are you a Podiatrist looking for business, professional and personal inspiration? Do you sometimes feel your workday is stuck on repeat? The Podiatry Legends Podcast is going to change the way you see, feel and think about the podiatry profession.

This podcast is the place where Podiatrists, from all parts of the world, will share their expert tips, and sometimes unusual stories and careers paths, with the goal of exposing you to all the vast opportunities that currently exist within our profession. 

Oct 14, 2020

On this episode, I talk with a group of podiatry students from Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States of America. The students studying podiatry right now are the future of our profession, so all of us need to understand how they think and how they view the profession they have chosen to become a part...

Oct 8, 2020

Nicola O'Brian is from ESSEX in the UK, and over the past 20-years she has specialised in Aesthetic treatments, initially coining the phrase “Cosmetic Podiatry”.

To be perfectly honest, Nicola hated the idea of Cosmetic Podiatry, in fact, she would be totally offended if a patient even asked about cosmetic podiatry...

Oct 2, 2020

Jay Henderson is the author of The Ultimate Guide To Hiring Superstars. His company Real Talent Hiring, is dedicated to helping employers take the guesswork out of people performance using the Real Talent System—the only objective metric system of its kind in the world.

He has a passion for sports psychology and...

Sep 30, 2020

Dr Sanjay Sharma is from Bangalore, INDIA, and he is the founder and medical director of FootSecure, a chain of podiatric clinics in India, enabling access to quality foot and ankle care for the 1.2 billion population.

The India Today Group awarded FootSecure the Best Podiatry Clinic Chain.

On this episode, we discuss...

Sep 24, 2020

Dr Cam Wareham has worked in the area of Podiatric Medicine and Surgery for over 25 years, and he has worked across three countries, New Zealand, Australia, and the United Kingdom. 

His career started in MSK and sports podiatry in Canberra, and even though he did enjoy it, he could not kick the bug and excitement of...